November 18, 2012

Empty Light - Introduction

Meet the Moth

This is the first entry into our new series, sort of an introduction to lead character ; who he is and isn't. Moth is mysterious for a reason though, so try not to predict what's to come because it's pretty outlandish. Without further ado.  

Moth awakes as if he would on any other chilly day. He knows not who he is or where he came from, he simply exists for the sake of existing and that's good enough for him. He stands and approaches the window appropriately placed near the raggedy sofa he sleeps on/under. The window has shades that are frayed and colorless. As he peers outside onto a view most would find at least pleasant;  he doesn't feel at all. Through the window one can see the local park, which is shrouded by trees, and just coming over the trees is the sun rising to greet him. However, this fills him up with nothing but the warmth of the sun passing through him. He casually dismisses the sight and goes about the morning as he typically would. He isn't needed at work for another hour or so, and what he does to pass the time is to pace round and round the only room in the house, aside from the bathroom which has been untouched literally since the day he moved in. He walks back and fourth, up and down the room with no need for anything else. He periodically stops to gaze off at whatever stands before him, then he returns to walking. Once the end of the hour approaches he stops and reaches for his shirt, tosses it on then departs. His "home" is more correctly referred to as a shack with a toilet. the foundation and all the walls in the house are rotting and progressively become more like a collection of rodents and scrap wood, and the only commodity that Moth has in his entire house is the mini fridge he purchased because he noticed that's what other typical humans would do. They would have a fridge and in that fridge would sit water. So he had a fridge full of water, that was almost untouched. He'd drink some, but it was so infrequent it's not worth mentioning, because he doesn't have a solid grasp of how often a regular person would drink. The same goes for what he does. Moth works because he sees others and he figures with his physical traits he must be around the age of 20 to 22, and people at that age are either working or going to school. So he does both, but does it because that's what others do and no other reason. He'll now attend work, followed by school without any interactions aside from when he's addressed. Once his day is finished he'll walk home and repeat the cycle all over again. 



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