November 25, 2012

Empty Light - Part 1

Moth At Work

Here's Part 1 to Empty Light, this is Moth at his daily job, and the way people see him. We're both really content with the way it turned out, enjoy!

Light shines brightly beating down on Moth as he strolls down the street to the local middle school where he works as a janitor. He really had little reason to start working outside of seeing and hearing of everyone else work, so he simply found that it's what anyone else would so; why wouldn't he? Moth enters and begins his daily duties that were assigned. He blankly paces the halls of the school with a push broom in hand. the broom isn't positioned the way one would expect, it's quite outrageously in the palm of both hands, as if he were clutching a blade sticking out of his abdomen. 
The children of the school are always watching him; his method, and the concept of how things work in the world is very blatantly skewed and faulty. His method is conceived based off how he may have seen things done in the past. The issue with that is a good portion of the time he doesn't see it done, so he then interprets the rest. Which often makes for quite a strange and somewhat humorous show. However most, if not all, of the children at this little school are fearful or very weary of Moth. They peer at him, his face is vacant and his eyes will remain abnormally apathetic throughout any situation. One could honestly call his eyes hollow, more so than a bullet after it's been used, he gives serious credibility to the word "empty".
None of these children have heard Moth speak a word, the reason behind that is Moth generally won't speak unless he's spoken to. His speech is rather forged, mimicking chunks of things he's heard before and mashing them together into one sentence, which can often make little sense and be considered valueless and impossible to derive a meaning from. Moth formally treads the school ground for some time, pushing dirt while maintaining a very linear path. The dirt and dust isn't really clean, it's rather displaced to somewhere new in the school, with a trail to identify just where is originally came from. After his 3 hour shift is over, he lets loose a guttural screech, "DONE!", one that can be heard half a mile from his location, it sounds more like the sound emitted from two massive plates of metal colliding and reverberating for some time. He then launches the broom from his hands into a nearby locker, nearly smashing some children in the process. It'd be very hard to understand why he's still employed at this school, however his superiors are very afraid of him and reject the notion that anything is abnormal. Moth makes his leave from the school, eyes watching him everywhere out of fear and pure curiosity to as what he really is. He makes way to the next chapter in his day: school. 



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